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Education: Bachelor's in Mathematics and French
Position: Analyst
Employed since: September 2017
Fun fact: I toured Europe with choirs on 3 separate occasions while I was in elementary/high school


I grew up doing a lot of competitive sports (soccer, tennis, sailing, badminton, running), and also got into more extreme sports such as downhill skateboarding and skiing in elementary school. I was also enrolled in a lot of musical activities, I went to a Choir & Orchestra school for eight years, and have classical training in piano, organ, voice and cello, and also got a little bit into songwriting and alt/folk music from high school and onwards. Between my home in Denmark and my parents' home in Canada, I have six different musical instruments plus a bunch of percussion instruments, all of which I have used on stage at some point in time.

My previous jobs have been everything from trail construction on a mountain in Quebec, to managing a hostel, to agricultural/environmental research assistance. I did my undergraduate degree at Mount Saint Vincent University, where I found out that a balance of languages and pure math was exactly the combination of things I could dig deeper into. To that end, I began researching some of the mathematical structures that lie behind natural languages using graph theory during the last year of my Bachelor's. After completing my undergrad, I moved to Denmark to study Mathematics at the Masters level.

Peter Nicks


I wanted to work for DC because I thought the interplay between renewable energy and meteorology sounded like an interesting intersection with lots of potential. I also had heard about the DC culture and thought that it would be a great place to work!

It is exciting when you can turn an idea into a profit generating analysis.

Peter Nicks, Analyst in Automated Trading


At DC, I help build and maintain the infrastructure that is used by our meteorologists on a daily basis, to provide both long term and short term forecasts. I also perform analyses on these weather data in collaboration with the meteorologists in order to enhance our weather predictions. 


Most of the day, I am coding in python, and retrieving data through SQL, but I also spend a lot of time discussing the various ways we can improve our computational and data retrieval server infrastructure. As weather data involves massive amounts of data we spend a lot of time optimising data retrieval techniques and computational techniques.

Peter Nicks best part about my job


Learning about the technology that is needed to predict weather and keeping up with/implementing the latest developments in meteorology and numerical weather prediction. I also enjoy getting into the gritty details of how we are getting our data, and managing our Weather Infrastructure processes - it is exciting when you can turn an idea into a profit generating analysis.

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