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Thor Brigsted

Junior Accountant
Economics & Business Administration
Employed since
Jun 2021
Fun fact
I've made my own dinner table, sideboard and coffee table

My background

I was born and raised in a small city outside Vejle called Brejning. Later, I moved to Esbjerg while studying Financial Management (Finansøkonom). In 2020, I then moved to Aarhus to study a bachelor's in Economics and Business administration as a Top-up to my other education. Former employments have been in several housings for physical and mentally handicapped people. I also worked as an event handler for Study-in-Esbjerg, a nonprofit organisation for students in Esbjerg.

Why I wanted to work for DC

I was looking for a company that could provide me with work related to my studies, as well as opportunities for development both professionally and personally. Luckily, DC is capable of all of that. Since joining, I've only been confirmed in that DC was the right choice for me with its great emphasis on employees and its focus on developing people within what they're good at rather than locking one in a specific job. As a student employee, DC knows that school has first priority and thus provides flexible working conditions which works very well for me.

What I do

As a Junior Accountant, my task is to help the accounting team receive and pay invoices from our counterparties. Although I mainly work with my own team, I also have a great collaboration with the rest of the Finance and Accounting unit. Further, my job includes helping the Trade Controlling with a broad variety of Ad-hoc tasks, for example in confirming trade agreements between DC and our counterparties.

My typical workday

I have very flexible hours but I like to work scheduled. As such, I work approximately four to five hours, four times a week. Since I have tasks that need to be done every day, I spent most of my time on my own tasks and a small amount of time on Ad-hoc. If I should make up my hours, I would say that I probably tend to use one hour on trade controlling and then the remaining three hours on accounting tasks such as bookkeeping or the likes.

The best part of being employed in DC is being part of a great company that strives to improve its people.

The best part of my job

The best part of being employed in DC is being part of a great company that strives to improve its people. My leaders have shown a lot of trust and I've been given major responsibility, and these are values that make working for DC fun and challenging. Independence is very important in my daily tasks which also means I feel that my work is useful for the team. Having said that, people are always more than willing to help which is nice when I undoubtedly need it from time to time.