Recruitment process

We take our recruitment seriously. That's why we have created a process that focuses on the applicant and ensures that we recruit the best – every time.


  1. Upload your application and await feedback
  2. If your application matches, you will be invited for a first interview
  3. If you are still a match, you will receive a personality test and a cognitive test
  4. Your test results will be the base for your second interview
  5. After the second interview, we will evaluate the two interviews and make a decision on the match


The 1st interview will be conducted by the recruiting director or manager and a relevant colleague. You can expect to be evaluated on:

  • skills
  • personality
  • match with our team

This interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your approach to work, your achievements so far and present yourself as a person. But remember that it is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the position.

If we find that there is a match, you will be invited for a 2nd interview.


Prior to this interview you will receive a personality test and a cognitive test. Via e-mail you will receive instructions on how to take the tests and you will be notified of the deadline.

In some instances you will also have to prepare a case either before or on the day of the interview. If so, you will be informed about this.


The 2nd interview will be conducted by the recruiting Director or Manager and an internal HR partner. In some cases we will present a small assignment during the interview.

Focus in this interview will be on:

  • The case and your reflections/conclusions
  • Your personality
  • Test results (personality and cognitive tests)
  • The match for the open position
  • Your ambitions
  • Your expectations of DC as a work place


After the 2nd interview we will evaluate your two interviews. Based on the evaluation we will make a decision as to whether we find there is a match or not.

We will contact you with an answer no later than seven days after the 2nd interview.


The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world in an unprecedented manner, impacting numerous people and businesses. At DC, we have done our best to ensure our employees' safety since the very beginning of the pandemic – and of course, the safety of partners and potential new employees too.

We adhere to local guidelines in our respective global offices and put directives in place if required or deemed necessary. We make sure to advise our employees as well as external visitors accordingly.

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