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Danske Commodities is divided into several business areas. Here, you will get an overview of these areas and get a sense of who we would typically employ. But remember: many paths and backgrounds can lead to working here, so don't hold back if you are considering sending an application our way.



The core of our business has always been energy trading. About a third of our employees work in our trading unit, which covers gas, power and trade support.

Power and gas trading

Energy prices go up and down depending on supply (in this case energy production) and demand (energy consumption). Basically, the overall target for an energy trader is to buy low and sell high. In reality, it is of course much more complex than this, since there are numerous factors that influence prices at a moment’s notice – for example the weather, outages and consumer behaviour.

Our traders have many different backgrounds, from PhD’s in cosmology to finance and real estate brokerage. But what really characterises a good trader is an innate competitive spirit, a winning mentality as well as the ability to think quickly and keep a cool head under pressure.


In our trading teams, there are several analysts, who help provide the strategies, analyses and data that our traders base their decisions on. These analysts are highly specialised within numerical or quantitative techniques, engineering, physics, meteorology or similar.

Trade support

Lastly, our trade support team helps our traders schedule and complete electricity flows to ensure overall balance in the power grids. They are also in contact with counterparties and exchanges and develop trading tools using various programming languages. To work in the support team, you have to be very diligent and systemised.

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Origination is the industry term for business development and sales. The teams within the unit cover different activities that all contribute to turning Danske Commodities' trading capabilities into value-adding products and services for energy producers and consumers.

International origination

Our international originators are the link to our customers. They develop new business and are responsible for selling our products and services across Europe. Although most have a Master’s degree, our originators have very mixed backgrounds. But they also have many skills in common, among those an innate understanding of market conditions, a solid business acumen, people skills and a competitive mindset.

Portfolio management

Our portfolio management teams manage our customers’ positions in the short-term markets and help optimise their forecasts. They also support customers in the longer run, for example by hedging their positions and helping them manage risks. Most of our portfolio managers have a background within finance, engineering, economics or data analysis. Since they are in many ways the link between our front and back office, they strike a balance between being challengers and team players, and they often take an innovative approach.

Asset management

Our asset team focuses on optimising the production of our asset-owning customers, mainly combined heat and power plants. The team consists primarily of business and finance profiles with a solid technical understanding.

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Finance & IT


At Danske Commodities, the finance and IT departments are all gathered in one unit. They constitute a solid back office that supports all day-to-day operations. The unit is the most wide-ranging in its business areas and the employees in the unit have educational backgrounds stretching from IT-support to law and financing. Here, we have described a selection of business areas within the unit.

Finance and accounting

Our finance teams forecast future profit and losses and monitor and control costs, while our accounting teams take care of invoicing, financial settlements and reporting. To work in these teams, you have to be structured and precise. Also, it is essential that you have a solid understanding of the business conducted in our front office. Educational backgrounds in the teams range from finance and economics to accountancy.    

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Risk management

In a business with ever changing market conditions and significant volatility, our risk management team ensures that we always have our trading positions under control. The team mainly consists of risk analysts, who monitor our risk profile, help develop a sound risk culture and ensure a responsible balance between risk and return. Most of our risk analysts are number crunchers by nature and have a sound business understanding. Their backgrounds are mainly within economy, math, physics or finance.


Our treasury department functions as an in-house bank. They monitor all cash in- and outflows to ensure there are sufficient resources to fund company operations and they invest and optimise our liquidity. To work in our treasury department, you should have a solid business understanding as well as an eye for investments. Most team-members have a background within finance or from the banking sector.


Our legal team has been recognized among the best in-house legal teams in Scandinavia. They negotiate, administrate and manage contracts, oversee compliance issues and enable market access to our traders. Unsurprisingly, most of our legal team has studied law.



Although the Finance- and IT department is constituted in one unit, our IT team is constantly evolving, following closely the global technology development, market trends and stakeholder requirements. The teams within the unit span from software development and business analysis over business partnering to process improvement and automation. 

Hardware, software and everything in between

At Danske Commodities, we have a best-in-class IT set-up. We develop many of our systems and tools in-house and host them ourselves. The whole business is dependent on our infrastructure services team, which makes sure trading systems run smoothly. Our business intelligence team supports the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information. The software development team is responsible for helping invent smart software solutions, making the entire company more efficient. And our project management team focuses on ensuring our IT projects are managed as effectively as possible.

Educational backgrounds within our IT teams vary a lot depending on the team, and range from degrees within business to economics and computer science.

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Business Intelligence

Every day, we empower business users, data scientists and data analysts to discover, explore and analyse relevant data. We create value on both an operational and a strategic level – supporting the entire organisation with high-impact business intelligence solutions that leverage the entire BI tool stack. This includes building (and advising on) commercial opportunities, internal process optimisations and complex strategic initiatives.


Software development

Agile methodologies, new technologies and innate domain knowledge are core for our ability to support the everchanging demands in the energy markets.The technology stack we work with is modern and continuously evolving. Distributed systems, microservices and asynchronous messaging is something we work with every day.


Operations & Services

IT Operations & Services is the engine room for our organisation’s technical commodities. Danske Commodities' System Engineers support, create and update systems used by every employee in the organisation - weighing and tailoring technical solutions to our colleagues' every need. With the aim of delivering the best solutions, we continuously educate ourselves to keep up with the current trends and standards, such as Ignite and SQL-Pass.

HR & Communications


Our People & Culture unit and Strategy and Communications team uphold the company's brand internally and externally, take care of all recruitment and support management in setting the strategic direction of the company.

Human resources

Our People & Culture team encompasses HR, performance and development as well as compensation and benefits. In other words, the unit is responsible for everything from recruitment to ensuring the continuous development of our people. To work in our People & Culture unit, you should be an excellent relationship manager and have great organisational skills. It is also an advantage to have a deep insight into the needs of the organisation, in order to do what it takes to ensure that Danske Commodities continues to be among the best companies to work for in Denmark.

Strategy & Communications

Strategy & Communications is a team of creative and committed strategists, communicators and marketers, who work closely together with senior leadership on setting and communicating the direction of the company – internally as well as externally. To work in the team, you need to have great stakeholder management skills, the ability to think outside the box and juggle working both strategically as well as operationally.

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