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Hillerød Forsyning
Hillerød Forsyning is a utility company, which supplies district heating to 7,300 customers via a 25 MW biomass ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) combined heat and power plant from 2016.

Creating additional value for renewable production

Danske Commodities has helped optimise Hillerød Forsyning's green business case by trading the bio plant’s GOs in the UK, creating additional value for the renewable production.

Hillerød Forsyning's mission is to deliver 100% sustainable district heating, hence provide fossil free power and Guarantees of Origins (GOs) to the market - Danske Commodities has helped with exactly that.

With their unique market knowledge and trading expertise as an underlying basis, Danske Commodities has reviewed all our CHP units and retrofits and proactively identified further opportunities in the market for us. For our certificates business, Danske Commodities has innovated and spotted a new FIT Scheme in the UK, where we can optimise the trading value of the GOs