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Since 2010, Danske Commodities has been helping businesses and organisations buy and sell green certificates for voluntary and compliance purposes.


Use of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an obligation for businesses in certain countries and industries. It is also desirable for many others who want to operate in a more sustainable way and raise their green profile.

Because power and gas produced from renewable energy sources are fed into the same grids as fossil fuel energy, the use of green energy can only be distinguished and claimed via purchase of relevant green certificates, often referred to as Guarantees of Origin (GOs).

Danske Commodities trade all standard GOs. We provide UK wind farms with ROCs and REGOs, and we offer EL certificate services that guarantee off-take at competitive prices, for energy traders, utilities and wind farms in Norway and Sweden.


Everyday activities such as production of electricity, heating buildings, driving and flying result in emission of carbon dioxide, which is a main contributor to climate change. These emissions can be compensated by purchase of carbon credits which fund investment in carbon reducing projects, such as conversion to renewable energy, improved energy efficiency and reforestation.

At Danske Commodities, we have an extensive network across Europe and we trade a diverse range of carbon emission certificates, including EUAs, EUAAs and CERs, making our professional traders well positioned to match corporate compliance or voluntary requirements with compatible certificates.


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Financial overview

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Energy trading

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Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements

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