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Since 2010, Danske Commodities has been helping businesses and organisations buy and sell green certificates for voluntary and compliance purposes.


At Danske Commodities, we want to challenge market complexity and inefficiencies by offering transparent certificates and climate solutions through our open-book policy, speed-to-market and value driven mindset.

We trade in 39 markets worldwide, flow physical energy across borders via 89 interconnectors and compete every day to create more value for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a straight-forward and no-hassle service, which saves you time, work load and worry.



Power and gas produced from renewable energy sources is fed into and delivered through the same grids as fossil fuel energy. Renewable energy consumption is only distinguished and claimed with relevant certificate products across regions including Europe, US and globally. In Europe, electricity certificates are called Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and can be used towards corporate Scope 2 goals under the GHG Protocol. 

Use of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an obligation for businesses in certain countries and industries. It is also desirable for many others who want to operate in a more sustainable way and raise their green profile.

At Danske Commodities, we provide all types of standard GOs to suppliers and companies. For renewable asset owners, we provide a route to market for certificate products, including ROCs and REGOs in the UK. We also offer elcerts services that guarantee off-take at competitive prices for energy traders, utilities and wind farms in Norway and Sweden.


Everyday activities such as production of electricity, heating of buildings, driving and flying result in emission of carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to climate change. These emissions can be compensated for by purchasing carbon credits, which in turn fund investments in carbon-reducing projects, such as conversion to renewable energy, improved energy efficiency and reforestation.

At Danske Commodities, we have an extensive network across Europe and we trade a diverse range of carbon emission certificates, including EUAs, EUAAs and CERs. This makes our professional traders well-positioned to match corporate compliance or voluntary requirements with compatible certificates.


Biofuel represents fuel that is derived from biomass (often from sewage, landfill, food waste or distillery waste). Feedstock material can be replenished readily, which is why biofuel is a source of renewable energy. Biofuel is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and gas that can be used within a voluntary context or towards blending obligations of compliant stakeholders.


Danske Commodities trade certificates to verify the origin of RES (renewable energy source) fuels, generally from biological feedstock, such as Biomethane certificates. Biomethane or ‘green gas’ is one of the most efficient biofuels, produced from upgraded biogas derived from organic matter. The biomethane certificates represent the green value of the purified biogas, which enable companies to make renewable gas claims.



The global trend towards a fossil free world has brought increased focus on the certificates market as well as the traceability of the source and flow of green certificates for physical power and gas.


To harmonise the European power and gas certificate marked, the EU, TSOs, relevant authorities and local market players are moving towards a proof of flow approach. This means that the transferred certificates can be verified compared to the physical delivery of power or gas from the origin to the end-user’s destination - e.g. the Feed-in tariff (FIT) and Contract for Difference (CfD) power certificates schemes for the UK, where the certificates and the connection between the flow of the physical energy consumption is matched with the amount of energy that is consumed.


In 2020, Danske Commodities traded more than 1,432 TWh gas and 738 TWh power through the gas pipes and power grids in Europe. Danske Commodities supports a transparent market and can provide proof of flow across borders throughout Europe, proving what, where, and how much green gas or power is produced. 


Danske Commodities proactively reaches out to us when it is most value-adding to purchase EUAs, saving Vestforsyning time, worry and work load.

Jørgen J. Andreasen, CFO, Vestforsyning


Vestforsyning/Måbjergværket is an environmentally aware Danish utility company supplying heat, water and electricity to the citizens of Holstebro.



Danske Commodities challenges unnecessary market complexity by providing Vestforsyning with clear-cut statistics, analyses and market updates. By closely monitoring the climate market, Danske Commodities is able to spot the most beneficial time to purchase Carbon Credits such as EUAs, supporting Vestforsyning’s procurement strategy and their pledge to build a low-carbon business.



“Danske Commodities provides competent feedback, sheds light on uncertainties and help us weigh advantages against disadvantages. They proactively reach out to us when it is most value-adding to purchase EUAs, saving Vestforsyning time, worry and work load”, says Jørgen J. Andreasen, CFO, Vestforsyning.

Hillerød Forsyning

Danske Commodities has proactively identified further opportunities in the market for us, creating additional value for our renewable production.

Kent Patrick Unold, Production Manager, Heating, at Hillerød Forsyning


Hillerød Forsyning is a utility company, which supplies district heating to 7,300 customers via a 25 MW biomass ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) combined heat and power plant from 2016.



Hillerød Forsyning's mission is to deliver 100% sustainable district heating, hence provide fossil free power and Guarantees of Origins (GOs) to the market. Danske Commodities has helped optimise their green business case by trading the bio plant’s GOs in the UK, creating additional value for the renewable production.



“With their unique market knowledge and trading expertise as an underlying basis, Danske Commodities has reviewed all our CHP units and retrofits and proactively identified further opportunities in the market for us. For our certificates business, Danske Commodities has innovated and spotted a new FIT Scheme in the UK, where we can optimise the trading value of the GOs”, says Kent Patrick Unold, Production Manager, Heating, Hillerød Forsyning.


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