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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we do our best to answer the most frequently asked questions from potential future colleagues. The questions have been divided into categories. If you are not able to find the answers you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Applying for a position

What should I do if I cannot find an opportunity that matches my skills?

We’re always looking for new colleagues to join us across the organisation, so be sure to check our career site on a continuous basis or follow us on LinkedIn, where we post all of our job openings.

Do you offer student positions and internships?

Yes, we do! Since the very beginning, young talents have been pillars in the foundation of Danske Commodities. Today, roughly 20% of our people are student employees and we have an internal DC Student Network that is driven by some of our student employees. We continuously post student and intern positions within business areas across the organisation – so make sure to regularly check out our job openings.

How is the recruitment process at Danske Commodities?

To ensure the best recruitment process, we have created a process that focuses on the applicant and ensures that we recruit the best match for the position – every time. If the recruiting leader sees a match with your profile, you will be invited for a first interview where we talk about how your competencies match the role at hand. If you are then invited for a second interview, you will receive a personality assessment and a cognitive assessment, which you will receive feedback on. After the second interview, we will inform you whether we will offer you the position. No matter what, we will of course provide you with our reasoning and constructive feedback.

How soon can I expect to learn if I am being considered for the position that I have applied for?

As we are screening for potential candidates on an ongoing basis, it is important that you always note the application deadline for the vacancy. Once the recruiting leader has looked through all applications, you will be informed whether your application has matched the position, and the team, and be invited for a first interview. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the recruiting leader. You’ll find the contact details at the bottom of the vacancy.

Can I receive job posting notifications?

We post all our job openings on LinkedIn. So, if you follow us there, you will always be up to date with what is going on at Danske Commodities and our current career opportunities.

What should I upload when applying for a job?

Each leader is responsible for the recruitment of their individual team. You should always follow the application instructions in terms of what should be uploaded when applying for a position.

Do you require years of experience, or do you hire directly from educational institutions?

We are always looking for students, recent graduates and experienced employees. We believe a mix between juniors and seniors leads to more diverse ideas and creates more value – with room for personal and professional development. Our job openings always specify the required qualifications for the position, so if your qualifications match, you are encouraged to apply.

Can I apply for a job outside my home country?

You are encouraged to apply for all our positions, regardless of which country you are from. We employ many different nationalities in both our global offices and at our headquarters in Aarhus. We are a global company experiencing growth across our entire organisation, taking pride in supporting global mobility and welcoming the diversity and innovation that it brings to our business areas.

Working at Danske Commodities

What is the organisation’s policy on flexible working?

Energy may be our business, but people are our energy. Therefore, Danske Commodities has a very flexible work environment where we always try to find the solution that fits you (and your family), your team and the organisation. As for working from home, our culture, as well as the outstanding collaboration in and across teams in Danske Commodities, is largely built on skilled employees working closely side by side. Our employees are therefore mainly working from the Danske Commodities offices after Covid-19, however subject to agreement with the direct leader, there is a possibility to work from home 1 – 2 days per week for employees whose tasks can be conducted from home (which is the case for most of our positions).

Where does Danske Commodities have offices?

Besides our Aarhus headquarters which houses almost 400 employees, we have small teams in place in Copenhagen, London, Hamburg, Istanbul, Stamford, Singapore and São Paolo.

What is your approach to COVID-19?

We have done our best to ensure our employees’ safety since the very beginning of the pandemic – and of course, the safety of partners and potential new employees too. We adhere to local guidelines in our respective global offices and put directives in place if required or deemed necessary. We make sure to advise our employees as well as external visitors accordingly.

Which benefits come with being a DC employee?

Of course, our benefits are not the main reason you are here, but it does not hurt that we have a lot of them, does it?

Career development

What kind of development opportunities can I expect in DC?

All our employees are encouraged to work on an Individual Development Plan (IDP) together with their leader. The IDP is the starting point for you and your leader to explore your career aspirations and support the facilitation of identifying concrete actions that will help you on your development journey. You can also develop specific skills by taking courses in our in-house learning hub, DC University”, or participate in one of our tailor-made training programmes such as our Leadership Assessment Programme.

What is DC University?

At Danske Commodities, we invest in the career paths of our employees. That’s why we offer +50 courses every year at our in-house hub for knowledge and training, DC University. Also, all employees have access to remote courses through Harvard Learning and Equinor University.

Life in Danske Commodities

What is social life like?

We enjoy spending time together beyond work. And with +100 yearly events, a bicycle club, book club, student network, wine club, CS:GO team and many more social networks to be part of, there are plenty of opportunities to gather in- and outside office hours. You can also participate in one of our regular DC Sports activities such as badminton, various runs, beach volley, football tournaments etc. 

For students, we have an internal student network that is solely run by our student employees. Besides getting to know other student employees and establishing networks across business areas, the DC Student events include both social and educational activities.

What is your approach to diversity and inclusion?

We believe in an inclusive working environment, where all employees feel welcomed, respected and that they can make a difference.

What is your approach towards environmental sustainability?

We support the Paris Agreement and a net-zero future and have the vision and resources to accelerate the energy transition. For us, sustainability is imperative for business, essential to long-term success and pivotal for ensuring that markets deliver value across society.

Does working at Danske Commodities mean I get to travel the world?

You might be able to! Besides our Aarhus headquarters that houses almost 400 employees, we have small teams in place in Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Stamford (USA), Istanbul, Skopje, Zagreb, Singapore and Sao Paolo.

And through a collaborative process between us and our parent company Equinor, we offer secondments – temporary positions – to help you develop personally and professionally, share knowledge and exchange a bit of culture between our two great companies. The positions can range from three to 12 months or even longer.

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Senior Talent Attraction Specialist
Want to know more about working at DC, our recruitment process or the likes? Asger can help answer any questions you may have.