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Danske Commodities is an expert in short-term gas trading and in the optimisation of flows close to delivery. By acquiring and using the rights to move gas between hubs and across borders, we challenge established markets and players, and bring more competitive prices to the European gas markets. 



The gas market has changed significantly in recent years. Increased liquidity combined with closer correlation between energy commodities, requires more sophisticated trading and rapid decision-making to create value and manage market risks.

Danske Commodities specialises in maximising the value in the short-term gas markets. Combining a data-driven approach with an efficient setup that integrates trading and dispatching, we are well-positioned to capture opportunities and restore energy balances close to delivery. We trade 24/7/365 and constantly grow our market presence within natural gas.

As an agile player, we challenge market inefficiencies and bring competition to historic monopolistic structures, delivering on the potential of Europe’s liberalised energy markets.



  • Gas trading in 23 markets across Europe (Exchange, Broker or OTC)
  • With physical or financial settlement
  • Covering all delivery periods: base, peak and customised profiles
  • Short-term gas trading, covering the Spot Market from day-ahead to intraday
  • Forward gas trading, covering the Derivatives Market from Yearly to Daily Contracts
  • Standard futures, options and structured products


With gas trading activities in 23 countries in Western, Central and Southern Europe, we are present at all major hubs and markets in European gas trading, and we aim to increase our footprint as new markets are liberalised and opened for competition. Wherever there is a commercial opportunity, there is a role for us to play as a catalyst for improvement.

Country overview of where Danske Commodities conducts gas trading


Trading is the lubricant making gas prices converge across markets and helping the European integrated gas market to take shape

Dirk Goebels, Commercial Manager at Fluxys TENP


The main focus of Gas Transmission System Operator Fluxys is to foster the integration of the European gas market. This is done through the development of a cross-border infrastructure and capacity backbone.


Trading gas in 22 markets, Danske Commodities works closely together with natural gas transmission system operators (TSOs) all over Europe. One of them is Belgium-based Fluxys.


“With TSOs increasingly providing bidirectional capacity between markets across Europe, trading is the lubricant making gas prices converge across markets and helping the European integrated gas market to take shape. As gas trading continues to intensify, it adds liquidity and depth to the markets and creates robust price markers for gas,” says Dirk Goebels

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Klaus Nussgruber Danske Commodities

Klaus Nussgruber
VP, Head of European Gas Trading

For more information, please contact Klaus Nussgruber. You can also reach out to our 24/7 operations desk by calling +45 8833 8070.

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