Delivering on the promise of liberalised energy markets
Danske Commodities is an independent, international trader of energy-related commodities.
We create value for stakeholders by combining trading know-how, smart systems,
a pioneering spirit and a conviction that open markets are better markets.
Dirk Erich Mausbeck

Danske Commodities presents new CEO

Dirk Mausbeck takes over the position as CEO from Danske Commodities’ founder and owner Henrik Lind, who was appointed interim CEO in June 2014.

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EEG 2014 reform

EEG 2014 – key changes 

Are you an independent power producer, a developer or an investment fund? 
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DTU KVV, energioptimering

DTU CHP reduces electrical bill by 70,000

By implementing a wide range of efficiency improvements, DTU CHP has reduced its electrical bill significantly. The reduction is a result of an ambition to adjust the plant to a new reality with fewer operational hours.

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Danske Commodities

dcGraduate Programme

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