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dcHeadquarters - Sanne Norman


Sanne Norman
Receptionist & Personal Assistant
T: +45 8833 8181
E: info@danskecommodities.com


Contacts by country

dcDenmark - Peter Wager


T: + 45 8833 8041
E: pwa@danskecommodities.com

Peter Wager looks forward to helping you in the Scandinavian markets.

dcDK CHP - Sam Østergaard

Scandinavia - CHP

T: +45 2335 5756
E: sot@danskecommodities.com

Sam Østergaard is pleased to help with enquiries on combined heat and power.

dcDeutschland - Sandra Binder


T: +49 (0) 40 299 993 400
E: info@danskecommodities.com

Have a talk with Mataza Golzari, Marc Wiederhold or Alexander Grundmann.

dcTurkey - Sani Tiryaki


T: +90 212 9881481
E: cst@danskecommodities.com

C. Sani Tiryaki and his team are looking forward to servicing you.

dcItaly - Dario Gallanti


T: +39 0289981625
E: dga@danskecommodities.com

Dario Gallanti is looking forward to servicing you.

dcUK - Alexandre Gilbert

United Kingdom

E: agi@danskecommodities.com

Alexandre Gilbert looks forward to doing business with you.

dcBelgium - Axel Baudson

Benelux & France

T: +32 498 85 78 62
E: abu@danskecommodities.com

Axel Baudson looks forward to help you create value for your business.

dcCroatia - Branimir Beljan

Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina

T: +385 98 174 41 67
E: bbe@danskecommodities.com

Branimir Beljan is looking forward to helping you with your inquiry.

Address in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tesanjska 24a, Sarajevo

dcRomania - Matias Fyllgraf Lorentzen


T: +45 8827 8428
E: mfl@danskecommodities.com

Matias Fyllgraf Lorentzen is looking forward to servicing you.

dcMacedonia - Viktor Delov


T: +389 72 242 006
E: vde@danskecommodities.com

Viktor Delov is ready to support you in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.

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