How energy flows affect prices


Being innovative is part of our corporate vision at Danske Commodities, which is why we have become part of an academic project in collaboration with Aarhus University.

PhD student Bo Tranberg will be working out of dc’s headquarters in close cooperation with different teams in the company. "The aim of my project is to deepen our knowledge about how energy flows through the grid are influenced by e.g. renewables, and how this affects price formation in the market", says Bo. His findings will have a high relevance for dc and support the company's position as a market leader in physical electricity trading, explains Kristian Gjerløv-Juel, dc's Head of Corporate Development: "With a deeper understanding of this relationship between flow and markets we will be able to create more value on the trading floor."

Through the collaboration dc gains access to the newest and most advanced knowledge.

Bo Tranberg, Ph.D. student

What is the innovative idea behind your research?
"The European energy markets are becoming increasingly affected by the transition towards renewable production. One of the effects is the impact on the flow of electricity in the system. When energy flows in an unpredictable way because production is shifting when clouds cover the sun, forecasting electricity prices becomes trickier."

Why is dc a perfect match for such PhD projects of Aarhus University?
"Generally, the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University has specialized in sustainable energy systems and have leading knowledge on flow modelling as well as an international knowledge network. This means that through the collaboration dc gains access to the newest and most advanced knowledge on the subject."

How did you get involved with this project?
"I wrote my thesis in physics on the future of the power grid in Europe. My thesis supervisor from the Department of Engineering was involved in the cooperation with dc, and I got into the project through him."

Bo will be responsible for the project over the next three years. He will then hand over the results of his research to dc, where the relevant teams will pick up on them and fruitfully implement them in the organisation.

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