Annual Report 2014 media release

Focus and consolidation were key words for Danske Commodities in 2014 – a year in which several steps have been taken to ensure that the Company maintains its strong position in maturing and increasingly competitive markets.

After a period with tremendous growth in the years 2010-2013 it was necessary to consolidate in 2014. The aim of the consolidation was to make the organisation leaner and more flexible and to reduce the marginal cost of operations.

As part of the restructuring of the organisation, Danske Commodities has strengthened the leadership structure by establishing a Senior Management Group to assist the CEO, and new processes have been introduced to enhance focus on core business and efficiency throughout the organisation.

Biggest independent provider of Direktvermarktung in Germany
Despite the restructuring of the organisation, Danske Commodities presents a positive result for the year and has firmly established its position as the biggest independent provider of Direktvermarktung in Germany and the second biggest in general with more than 4600 MW renewables under management. In 2015, this type of service will be expanded to other European countries.

Demand for Danske Commodities’ services and solutions that connect energy producers and consumers to opportunities in the European energy markets is as high as ever. Danske Commodities has more than 700 customers and counterparties.

“The consolidation process that Danske Commodities went through in 2014 has been completed. Like any other successful company, we will constantly be looking to improve cost efficiency and our processes, but our main focus will be on business”, says CEO Dirk Mausbeck.

With a combination of market knowledge, a strong customer base and a solid market position, Danske Commodities is now ready to unfold the full potential of the Company.


Financial highlights in 2014:

  • Revenue growth continued, with an increase of EUR 587 million.
  • Gross profit decreased by EUR 16 million. The gross margin was significantly affected by the high pressure on margins in the energy market, resulting in a gross margin of 3.0%. EBIT decreased to EUR 9 million due to lower margins and higher costs compared with 2013.
  • A solid cash reserve was maintained throughout the year, with total cash and cash equivalents of EUR 77 million at the end of 2014.
  • Equity amounted to EUR 65 million with an equity ratio of 31.7%, compared with EUR 75 million and 36.1% in 2013.

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