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Connecting producers, suppliers and consumers to wholesale energy markets, Danske Commodities cooperates closely with a range of different players in the energy markets – from owners of large wind farms to exchanges and transmission system operators. Below you can see what our partners say about us.

Falck Renewables S.p.A.

We are glad to work with Danske Commodities, and we really appreciate their professionalism, efficiency and cooperative spirit

Toni Volpe, CEO, Falck Renewables


Among the biggest ‘pure players’ in the European renewable energies sector, Falck Renewables S.p.A. develops, designs, builds and manages power production plants from renewable sources and is active in Europe (Italy, UK, Spain and France) with installed capacity of 822 MW in 2016 worth more than two billion kWh per year, using wind power, solar power, biomass and waste-to-energy technologies.


Danske Commodities and Falck Renewables have signed a Power Purchase Agreement for managing the energy produced by the on-shore wind farm in Buddusò Alà dei Sardi in Sardinia (138 MW), which is the largest wind park in Italy.


Danske Commodities is a reliable partner in the undertaking of promoting dynamic and transparent energy markets.

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste, Chairman of the EPEX SPOT Management Board.


EPEX SPOT is the exchange for the power spot markets at the heart of Europe. The exchange covers Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg and operates the short-term electricity markets with actual physical fulfilment providing liquidity and flexibility to energy markets. The products developed by EPEX SPOT answer the markets’ growing need for flexibility, needed more and more in particular on the Intraday market in times of increasing input of renewable energies into the grid.


Danske Commodities has traded on EPEX SPOT since 2006 and was ranked as number 10 among the 230 EPEX members according to trading volumes at EPEX SPOT in 2016.


“Danske Commodities is an essential actor in electrical power trading. The shared values of a power market without borders and the dedication and expertise regarding renewables and their integration into the market are only two examples illustrating the pioneer spirit and the foresight implemented by Danske Commodities throughout their trading activity,” says Jean-François Conil-Lacoste


Trading is the lubricant making gas prices converge across markets and helping the European integrated gas market to take shape.

Dirk Goebels, Commercial Manager at Fluxys TENP


The main focus of Gas Transmission System Operator Fluxys is to foster the integration of the European gas market. This is done through the development of a cross-border infrastructure and capacity backbone.


Trading gas in 16 markets, Danske Commodities works closely together with natural gas transmission system operators (TSOs) all over Europe. One of them is Belgium-based Fluxys.


“With TSOs increasingly providing bidirectional capacity between markets across Europe, trading is the lubricant making gas prices converge across markets and helping the European integrated gas market to take shape. As gas trading continues to intensify, it adds liquidity and depth to the markets and creates robust price markers for gas,” says Dirk Goebels

ARC: Amager Ressource Center

In our experience, Danske Commodities is very observant when it comes to finding opportunities to create value for ARC. Besides that, we see Danske Commodities as very flexible and accommodating.

Kirstine Hansen, Market Manager


Located in Copenhagen, Amager Ressource Center’s (ARC) waste-to-energy plant turns burnable waste into power and district heating, and thereby contributes to a better climate and environment for future generations.



Danske Commodities handles ARC’s production balancing and optimises its production by trading the power produced.

Energi Fyn

We have been working closely together with Danske Commodities for five years and have experienced first-hand that Danske Commodities is at all times committed to delivering excellent service.

Ane Rask, Head of Energy Trading, Energi Fyn.


Energi Fyn provides power and gas to both big companies and private households, and they participate actively in the development of sustainable energy including solar cells, wind turbines, heat pumps and electric cars. Furthermore, Energi Fyn owns and operates a supply network that covers the majority of the Danish island Funen.


The co-operation between Danske Commodities and Energi Fyn started off in 2011 and today it includes a wide range of Danske Commodities’ core products and services from risk handling over market intelligence, consumption balance handling and portfolio management for both private consumers and business clients to product development services.

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited

Danske Commodities structured a flexible and competitive solution that met our needs and we look forward to working with them as the project progresses.

Steve Wilson, Project Manager, Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited.


The offshore wind farm Beatrice off the coast of Scotland will be operational in 2018/2019.


Danske Commodities has signed a 15-year Power Purchase agreement to handle all forecasting and trading for 294 MW, equivalent to 50% of the park’s production. The PPA is Danske Commodities’ first long-term balancing contract in the UK market, and it builds on our experience in structuring PPAs in several European markets.


“We are pleased to have signed a PPA agreement for 50% of the Beatrice Offshore wind farm marking another positive milestone for the development. Danske Commodities structured a flexible and competitive solution that met our needs and we look forward to working with them as the project progresses,” says Steve Wilson, Project Manager at Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited.


Danske Commodities’ guidance and service consistently exceed our expectations

Luis de Miguel, Managing Director, ArcelorMittal Energy


Headquartered in Luxembourg and formed in 2006, the multinational steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal is among the 100 biggest corporations in the world.


Since 2014, Danske Commodities has engaged in a close co-operation with ArcelorMittal in order to extract the most value out of available opportunities in energy markets.


“Thanks to Danske Commodities we are exploiting market volatility instead of avoiding it, thereby creating additional revenue by harvesting the benefits of Europe’s volatile energy markets. Danske Commodities’ guidance and service consistently exceed our expectations,” says Luis de Miguel, Managing Director, ArcelorMittal Energy. 

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