Danish TSO outsources balance management to DC

Under this new agreement the energy trading company Danske Commodities takes over responsibility for balance management and market entry for a number of production technologies – particularly green technologies – from Energinet.dk.

“We’re pleased about the agreement as it means we are strengthening our position as Denmark’s leading production balance manager for renewable energy”, says Kristian Gjerløv-Juel, Head of Origination at Danske Commodities.

The agreement encompasses balance management at all biogas plants, hydropower plants and wave power plants in Denmark, as well as individual wind turbines, solar power installations and biomass plants. It covers production technologies with a total capacity of 375 MW and production equivalent to approx. 3% of total Danish electricity consumption.

A number of green production technologies are legally obligated to sell their electricity production through Energinet.dk, which in practice means that Energinet.dk has historically worked on forecasting, selling and balancing the technologies in question. These tasks are handled on a daily basis by commercial balance managers for all the other electricity producers.

Outsourcing tasks that can be managed by commercial players has therefore been a natural development for Energinet.dk, which is Europe’s leading transmission system operator (TSO) when it comes to developing market-based solutions. In the same way, it was natural for Danske Commodities, whose core business is balancing green technologies, to bid for the contract.

About Energinet

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Energinet owns and runs the Danish electricity and gas transmission networks and is responsible for security of supply – so consumers always have power in their sockets and gas in their lines.


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