Danske Commodities regained momentum in 2015 by strengthening core business,
reducing the cost base and repositioning the strategy with a stronger commercial focus
and long-term outlook.

A stronger business with a clearer, long-term commercial focus

Danske Commodities has strengthened its position significantly in 2015. Through a transformation of the company’s operating model Danske Commodities has focused on ensuring operational excellence, effective innovation and profitable growth.

The transformation reflects directly in Danske Commodities’ improved financial performance.

2015 highlights

Highlights of the year

Generating EUR 30.2 million in EBIT in 2015, Danske Commodities has regained momentum and is now entering a period of balanced growth with focus on maturing the company.

The strong financial result was driven by modest gross profit growth in a maturing market and a significant decrease in costs due to the implementation of a revised strategy strongly focused on operational excellence, effective product development and innovation. The full-year effect of the staff reductions carried out in 2014 also contributed to the cost savings.

Financial highlights in 2015:

  • Gross profit was at EUR 82.1 million, 8% higher than in 2014.
  • Gross margin was 2.8%. This is a bit lower than the 3.0% generated in 2014 with margins narrowing as energy markets continue to mature.
  • EBIT increased sharply by EUR 21.1 million to EUR 30.2 million in 2015. EBT was 30.7 million EUR.
  • Revenue increased by 17% to EUR 2,936 million.
  • The free cash flow was at the highest level ever at EUR 46.4 million, driven by the strong financial result for the year combined with a positive effect from changes in working capital.
  • Cash reserves were at the highest level in the history of Danske Commodities at EUR 110.7 million, reflecting Danske Commodities’ high degree of self-financing.
  • Equity increased by 20%, ending at EUR 77.5 million. The equity ratio was 28.5% compared to 31.7% in 2014.

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